The Benefits of Origami
In the last fourteen centuries, the art of folding a paper has been into existence. Origami has been previously associated with Japan, but scholars have always disputed the exact location and date where the skill started. Read more about Origami  at learn more   .In China, they also have a rich history of paper folding. Various paper folding practices have been established in several European counties, including Italy and Spain. Though Origami's origins are somewhat unclear, it cannot be uncertain that Origami has an established and exciting history. Origami can be a fascinating activity, fun to do in small groups or an essential teaching tool. One's imagination only limits the benefits of origami.

The process of doing origami is very relaxing and significantly reduces a person's stress. Creating the origami sculptures increases a person's focus on the mind while calming the noise from a long busy day. There are several sculptures that one can create such as origami butterflies, origami box, and origami frog among others. As one polishes the origami skills, less thinking is involved thus creating a perfect focus and thereby releasing the days' worries. Concentrating on a straightforward undertaking like folding paper and designing sculptures becomes meditative, and can be a vital way of releasing worries, reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate relaxation and give one a feeling of well-being.

Tutors have also found Origami to be a crucial tool in the classroom. It significantly helps the students to develop the necessary ability to follow instructions, improve motor skills and increase attention spans. Origami can be useful to work on concepts like directions, geometry, and fractions. Origami can also be helpful in an art class, history or social studies classes, or even integrated into language arts. Origami is, therefore, a brilliant method to use creativity and imagination to make learning enjoyable.

Origami can also make a wonderful gift. Enclosing a paper crane in a card can be a pleasant surprise to your lover or friend.Read more about Origami  at origami.me  . Origami that has vibrant colors always makes lovely Christmas ornaments and decorations. One can say for example an origami butterfly and places it in the child's room. One can also surprise their workmates by leaving an origami sculpture on their work's desk. The Origami gifts are usually simple, and a creative way to improve someone's day.

These are just some of the few ways that origami is an enjoyable and creative hobby with several rewards and applications. The essential way of finding out the benefits of origami is doing it yourself.Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origami

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